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My Story

I'm Steve and the creator and owner of Archibald Edwards, fabulous wedding stationery. 

Steve Amey from Archibald Edwards Wedding Stationery

But this is how it all started - My youngest daughter, Charlotte announced her engagement to Nigel in the summer of 2009 and that the wedding would be September the following year. 


Soon after,  I heard the words - Dad, "please will you create my wedding invites". 


As an experienced designer I have a real passion for creating unique design, so this gave me the perfect opportunity to run wild and create something special for them.

It didn't stop with just invitations, I designed everything needed for the lavish reception we'd booked at the fabulous 'Berkeley Castle' in Gloucestershire.   I created a Table Plan, Menus, Place Cards and an Order of Service for the Church.  


After the wedding I had so many compliments from guests and the venue staff I started to think this was something I would really like to do. 


My wife Susie and I went on holiday for a week in the sun shortly afterwards and whilst away started to form ideas of creating a bespoke wedding stationery enterprise.  All I needed now was a name for the business  and as my grandfather was always a big part of my life - his name popped into my head and that was it -  Archibald Edwards.

Photograph by Stewart McPherson Photography

Since starting in 2010, I have built a reputation in designing and producing beautiful and original wedding stationery that will reflect the style and individuality of your wedding day.


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